3D Space Game

This is a coursework project written in C++ and OpenGL.

In this game, the user can fly a spaceship about near a planet and shoot down asteroids. The ship is affected by gravity from the planet. There are some particle effects when a collision is detected. That’s about it on the surface – what goes on is mostly under the hood.

As per coursework specification, the application was made in an unmanaged language. Importantly it does not use the fixed-function pipeline found in older versions of OpenGL and DirectX. It loads 3D .obj meshes from file and applies textures when displaying them on screen. The project also demonstrates understanding of matrix maths.

In future I could add a Phong lighting model, text rendering using FreeType2 and sound using OpenAL. More gameplay elements would also be interesting to see.

Also used: SDL, GLEW, GLM.

Video (has no sound):

Skybox texture courtesy ESO/S. Brunier.

Mars texture courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.

Earth model and texture courtesy TurboSquid/CZorg.

Crystal_1 and Space Frigate 6 models and textures courtesy Turbosquid/Angryfly.


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