Image Tag Editor

This application was written using C# in my own spare time. It loads all images in a selected Windows folder and displays them in a grid. The user can:

  • Select images and add tags to them.
  • Retrieve images by searching using these tags.
  • Save and load using XML format
  • Define implicit tags (explained below)
  • View a list of image groups (explained below)

Implicit tags are stored in a list which is constructed by the user. Each implicit tag is paired with a base tag. Let’s say the user adds the pair Birmingham : Winter_2012 and the pair London : Winter_2012. Now every time they search for Winter_2012 they will get a list of assorted photos which they previously tagged with Birmingham and London.

The user can also collect the images into groups based on their tags. For example if they add the tags Month:January or Month:August to some images then go to the Group tab and search for “Month”, they will see two groups, January and August, which they can then click on. Clicking on a group lists its images.

A “thumbnails” folder is automatically created which caches a small version of each image. This improves subsequent loading speeds.

Link and screenshots below to be updated to the latest version.

Link: Win32 executable



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