Peg Game

This is a finished game. It was developed in C++ and uses no extra libraries, just Windows GDI graphics. It is a more complex variant of tic-tac-toe, played on a 3D (4x4x4) grid. A player wins by completing 4 pegs in a row, in any direction. There are 76 possible rows to fill. 3 difficulty modes alter the ‘intelligence’ of the opponent AI.

On easy mode, the computer simply fills random cells.

On medium, it will attempt to complete rows, and to block up any that the player forms.

On hard difficulty, the computer will repeatedly attempt the following strategy: Partially fill out two rows, and then place a peg so that whichever row the player chooses to block, it wins by filling out the other. It will also try to prevent the player from doing the same.

The game area is displayed as a set of isometric tiles, with a mouse map used to determine which tile is selected.

link to Win32 binary



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